One Fit Momma!

When you think of a fit mom what comes to mind? Muscular, Lean, Skinny, Tone or a bit of a combo. Well, a fit person can be many of these things, but not necessarily “Healthy.”  Let me explained further, sometimes in the search to look good in a bikini or dress, we can do things to our bodies that in the long run makes us unhealthy.  Many people live on diet pills, surgery or fat-free foods with tons of artificial sugars and preservatives that can make the cause to get fit a problem and not a solution.

I have been exercising since I was seventeen years old; I would say I became really dedicated around twenty-two years old when I began to take an interest in bodybuilding. I worked out twice a day, cardio in the morning and weights in the afternoon.  I ate six times a day bland foods that were effective to lose the weight but boring to the taste buds. I got in the best shape within six months of starting my journey, however; there was no alcohol, sugar or fats permitted in my diet, let alone a SOCIAL LIFE.  My friends banned me from going out to clubs and bars with them; as I was no longer fun, or so they said.   I was not eating enough calories and I was exercising too much! Well fast forward to the good part… I was about to compete in a fitness competition; I had bought my clear stilettos, hot pink bikini and was ready to pose on stage. And just a week away from the big day, I injured my wrist and I was placed in a cast.  The doctor said that my wrist’s tendon was stretch out and it was so bad that if I didn’t cast it, I ran the risk of snapping it, “OUCH!”   I left the doctor’s office with a cast and  an overwhelming feeling of failure.  I felt DEVASTED for months, I binged on food and gained ten pounds on my TINY frame. I  PROMISED myself not to look back and NEVER put myself through that again. That was WAY too much sacrifice with a chance of failure (LOL).

I eventually returned to the gym, now to lose the ten pounds and get my dignity back. I lost the weight but this time, I did it the RIGHT way.  I made healthier foods choices without depriving myself from a social life. I exercised once a day but broke a sweat each time. As the years went by, I explore all kinds of fitness platforms. I continued to do traditional weight training, run, stair climber, elliptical machines and indoor cycling classes.  I found enjoyment and exhilaration when I broke a sweat doing  indoor cycling.  I found it to be one of my favorite workouts.  I joined a gym which was a hybrid of  Bootcamp and CrossFit, and it was amazing.  Within months my body was sculpted; I had started the Paleo Diet and felt terrific.  As a matter of fact in my opinion the best diet I have ever tried. “You know eat like a caveman”, I was not hungry, didn’t have cravings and felt energetic. On the days I could not make it to the gym, I would exercise at home with Beachbody Fitness DVDs, the first I tried was INSANITY by Shaun T.  INSANITY kicked my butt every time, no doubt!  I was in excellent shape, I was also a mom of a young child.  I did have responsibilities now, not like when I started bodybuilding, where I only worked and took care of myself. But something in me, never let me QUIT exercising, no matter how busy I was. This thing inside was called the FITNESS BUG, yes I know pretty corny but effective. I had acquired a love to staying fit, healthy and energetic.  I was lucky that I had married a man that was also very fit and shared the same passion, which is very encouraging and supportive by the way.  “Couples the workout together stay together” or at least that’s the saying.


I was very inspired and after so many years of trying different diets and exercise platforms, I had a need to expand my knowledge. So, I took a Spinning, Bootcamp and Resist-a-Ball Certifications course. I also bought an on-line personal training course and although I finish the course, life got busy and I never took the exam.  Later, I took functional training classes at the University of Miami and that was great; Now I knew how to tailor exercise routines to help me and others use proper techniques to prevent unnecessary injuries caused by daily activities, like carrying children, walking upstairs, ect…  As my work, mom and wife life began to get busier, I reverted back to Beachbody at home workouts such as T25, 21 Day Fix, P90X and many more.  I was able to squeeze in a workout at whatever time, whether it was at 5 a.m. or after doing two hours of homework with my son.

I decided to become a Beachbody coach a short time after; when I was approached by an acquaintance that was a coach herself. She encourage me to do it as I was already a great candidate, I was in shape, and I had the fitness and nutrition background to help others. Oh, I forgot to mention that for a short time, I also ran a bootcamp at work and after work. That was a great experience, I saw people’s body and attitudes change in front of my eyes.  Currently I am a Beachbody coach. I don’t do it for the extra income, although it doesn’t hurt; but mainly I do it because I like helping others.  Many women believe that their life is already too hectic to schedule a workout.  Well, let me tell you something, we all can spare 30 minutes a day but most important is to make COMMITMENT to yourself. If I can do it, being a full-time employee, doing shift work, having a fifth grader with tons of homework, projects and a busy husband; then yes, YOU CAN TOO!


Where do you start? Well find something you enjoy, walking around your neighborhood, going for bike ride, or playing ball with your child. These are all great ways to start. But you need to be consistent and that’s the key to success. Thirty minutes a day, five times a week at minimum, 6 days if you want to accelerate your weight loss. Also remember that diet is very important and “We are what we eat”, follow the 80/20 rule. Eighty (80) percent is your diet and twenty (20) percent is exercise. Use your exercise as a stress reliever, a time to decompress from the day and simply learn to breathe.  I know is hard to do these things in the hectic world that we live in; but know this if you are a believer, God in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 stated “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” I believe we all can schedule sometime for ourselves, even if it’s thirty minutes a day.  You deserve it! Because you carried another human being in your body for ten months, maybe you did this multiple times. Your body needs nourishment and self-care, give back to your body and you will see it respond back to you with BEAUTIFUL changes. Your mind will also benefit, your mood will improve with exercise and your family will enjoy having you around even more. IS TIME FOR YOU TO BE THE SEXY MOMMA YOU WERE INTENDED TO BE!   Checkout my coach website:

you might find a program the fits your motherly needs, email me or ask  me questions in the comment box  if you need guidance selecting a program.  You will be amaze what 30 minutes a day can do for you.

3 thoughts on “One Fit Momma!

    1. Thank you and yes you are right. One day my son will have a passion for staying fit just like my husband and I do. He already watches his sugar intake, which is great for a 10 year old Kid.


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